Process of Connect to FSC Blockchain

Step 1 - Open Metamask Account (To connect FSC blockchain)

To check send and deposit functionality, open your metamask account and click on network open.

Step 2 - Open Custom RPC

After open network dropdown click on Custom RPC option.

Step 3 - Add FSC RPC

Submit RPC details to connect FSC blockchain.

Step 4 - Add Token

After submit FSC RPC details click on "Add Token" button.

Step 5 - Add Contract Address

Add your contract address on "Custom Token Tab", then click on "Next" and "Save Token".

Step 6 - Copy Metamask Address

Copy your metamask address to deposit token on metamask.

Step 7 - Send Token

Open "Portfolio Page" and click on "Send" button and send token on metamask address.

Step 8 - Check Token

After transection complete, check your token balance on metamask.